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May 22, 2019

San Diego Housing Commission Launches Special Website Section to Commemorate 40th Anniversary

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SAN DIEGO, CA – The San Diego Housing Commission (SDHC) today launched a special, commemorative section of its website in recognition of its 40 years of providing housing assistance to San Diegans with low income or experiencing homelessness.

“After four decades, the San Diego Housing Commission continues to help thousands of families each year through federal rental assistance, the creation and preservation of affordable housing, and innovative solutions to homelessness,” SDHC President & CEO Richard C. Gentry said. “I am grateful for the Mayors and members of the Housing Authority and Housing Commission Board of Commissioners who have provided essential leadership over the years, as well as the agency’s many partners and the dedicated staff who put people first.”

The commemorative web pages include an interactive timeline of major SDHC milestones—from the first organizational meeting of the SDHC Board of Commissioners in 1979 to the announcement this year that, through the current phase of its homelessness action plan, HOUSING FIRST – SAN DIEGO, SDHC created more than 3,000 housing opportunities for San Diegans experiencing homelessness, achieving a three-year goal in just 18 months.

Since the launch of the initial phase of HOUSING FIRST – SAN DIEGO in 2014, this SDHC action plan has created more than 7,000 housing opportunities overall in less than five years for San Diegans experiencing homelessness.

Visitors to the website also have the opportunity to hear from just a few of those who have received assistance from SDHC—in their own words—through a video compilation that highlights SDHC’s motto, “We’re About People.”

In addition, the website acknowledges all of the Mayors and those who have served on the SDHC Board of Commissioners and the Housing Authority of the City of San Diego since 1979, including the years that they served.

Mr. Gentry has led SDHC for more than a quarter of its history—starting as SDHC’s President & CEO on September 19, 2008.

Under his leadership, SDHC transformed from a traditional public housing authority to an organization recognized nationally for its innovative approaches to providing housing assistance for families with low income and/or experiencing homelessness.

Today, SDHC is one of only 39 public housing agencies—out of 3,400 nationwide—to receive a “Moving to Work” (MTW) designation from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). MTW status provides SDHC flexibility to determine localized programs that are most effective for the City of San Diego.

SDHC provides federal rental assistance to more than 15,000 households in the City of San Diego; is a partner and lender in the development and preservation of affordable rental housing units; and is a leading partner in addressing homelessness through HOUSING FIRST – SAN DIEGO and as administrator of the City’s homeless shelters and services programs.



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Scott Marshall, Vice President of Communications


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