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Homelessness Program for Engaged Educational Resources (PEER)

Homelessness Program for Engaged Educational Resources (PEER)

A first-of-its kind collaboration between the San Diego Housing Commission (SDHC) and San Diego City College, the Homelessness PEER course provides specialized education, training and job placement assistance to develop the workforce needed for programs and services that help San Diegans experiencing homelessness.

As a leader in collaborative efforts to address homelessness in the City of San Diego, SDHC identified the need for additional qualified applicants for positions in the area of homelessness programs and services.

The five foundational strategies in the City of San Diego Community Action Plan on Homelessness also guide this program, primarily to create a client-centered homeless assistance system; implement a systems-level approach to homelessness planning; and improve the performance of the existing system.

This course builds upon established San Diego City College certificate programs in mental health work, alcohol and other drug studies, gerontology, and the Associate of Arts Degree in Behavioral Health: Social Work. Students in these programs are the focus of City College outreach efforts to identify students for the new course.

SDHC and the City of San Diego fund the PEER program, while San Diego City College leverages existing San Diego Community College District resources.

For more information, visit San Diego City College’s website.

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