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Vendor Frequently Asked Questions

Q: May I ask staff in SDHC departments questions or communicate directly with them regarding solicitations (RFPs/IFBs) that are in process?
A: No. Once the solicitation phase has started, all questions from interested parties regarding the solicitation should be directed to the designated SDHC Procurement Analyst assigned to the solicitation/procurement.

Q: What are the rules regarding a Contractor/Consultant inviting SDHC staff to go out to lunch?
A: SDHC’s Procurement Policy expressly states that, “No officer, employee, or agent of the SDHC shall solicit or accept any gratuities, gifts, favors, rebates, kickbacks or anything of value from contractors, respondents or parties to any subcontract or sub-agreement with SDHC, unless authorized by applicable law.”

Q: When does a contract have to be approved by the SDHC Board?
A: Contracts with a value greater than $250,000 require SDHC Board approval.  Housing Authority approval is necessary when required by City of San Diego Municipal Code Section 98.0301.

Q: What is the amount of notice needed to cancel a contract?
A: There is a minimum 30-day notice required for contract cancelations.

Q: Where can I find SDHC bid opportunities?
A: Formal solicitations are posted on the SDHC Vendor Portal with PlanetBids. To receive free notifications and download SDHC’s solicitations, vendors need to create a new profile and register specifically for SDHC in PlanetBids, even if they already are registered with another public agency that uses PlanetBids or previously have accessed SDHC solicitations through the City of San Diego’s PlanetBids portal.

Q: How do I find out who was awarded a contract?
A: Solicitation results are posted on the SDHC Vendor Portal with PlanetBids.

Q: How do I obtain the status of a bid or proposal?
A: The status of open solicitations posted prior to and after January 1, 2018 is available on the SDHC Vendor Portal with PlanetBids. No information about specific submissions (other than your own) will be made available until a contract is approved by the appropriate authority (Chief Executive Officer or designee, SDHC Board of Commissioners, and/or Housing Authority of the City of San Diego), and the contract is executed by the successful respondent. For construction bids, the results are announced at a Public Bid Opening. If you do not attend the Public Bid Opening, you may request the results from the designated SDHC procurement analyst.

Q: Can I get feedback on my own bid/proposal?
A: Yes. You may request a debriefing meeting with the designated SDHC procurement analyst.

Q: I would like to compare previous closed bids. How do I do that?
A: You may obtain this information by emailing a public records request to the SDHC Communications & Government Relations Division at

Q: When is a purchase order required?
A: An approved purchase order is required for the purchase of all goods and services and must be received prior to the initiation of work by the contractor.

Q: When will my contract be awarded?
A: Time frames for contract awards are contingent upon obtaining the necessary approval authority for the contract award, up to and including approval by both the SDHC Board of Commissioners and/or the Housing Authority of the City of San Diego.

Q: Where do I submit my invoices?
A: All invoices must be submitted to SDHC’s Accounts Payable Department by emailing

Q: Who do I contact for payment and invoicing questions?
A: All inquiries regarding payment processing must be directed to SDHC’s Accounts Payable Department. Please email, and reference your invoice and/or purchase order number. For more information, please read SDHC’s Vendor Invoice Requirements.

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