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City of San Diego Lobbying Ordinance

The City of San Diego’s (City) Lobbying Ordinance promotes transparency in government.

Among other requirements, the law limits gifts to public officials and requires lobbyists to disclose through quarterly reports the names of City Officials contacted during each reporting period.

Below is a list of San Diego Housing Commission (SDHC) staff members classified as “City Officials” under the Lobbying Ordinance.

“City Official” also means any member of a City commission, board, or committee whose members are required to file a statement of economic interests pursuant to the California Political Reform Act.

All members of the SDHC Board of Commissioners and the Housing Authority of the City of San Diego are classified as “City Officials.”

This list is subject to change every quarter:

Emmanuel Arellano, Director of Portfolio Management, Real Estate Division

Geof Bartell, Interim Vice President, Information Technology

Charles Christensen, General Counsel

Jeff Davis, Executive Vice President & Chief of Staff

Suket Dayal, Senior Vice President of Business Administration, Business Services Division

Wendy DeWitt, Director of Business and Program Development, Real Estate Division

Debra Fischle-Faulk, Vice President of Procurement & Compliance, Procurement Department, Business Services Division

Jose Garcia, General Counsel

Richard C. Gentry, President & CEO

Maurcell Gresham, Director of Procurement, Business Services Division

Erin Hale, General Counsel

Tina Holmes, Director of Human Resources

Emily Jacobs, Vice President of Real Estate Development Services, Real Estate Division

Ann Kern, Vice President of Real Estate Finance & Program Development, Real Estate Division

Marie Lalas, Controller, Financial Services Department

Carrie Leverett, Director of Rental Assistance, Rental Assistance Division

Scott Marshall, Vice President of Communications, Communications & Government Relations Division

Penny Martin, Director of Communications and Creative Services, Communications & Government Relations Division

Joel Mason, General Counsel

Tracey McDermott, Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, Financial Services Department

Michael McKenna, Vice President of Human Resources

Jennifer McKinney, Vice President of Property Management & Maintenance, Real Estate Division

Colin Miller, Director of Real Estate Development, Real Estate Division

Paul Morris, Director of Project Management Office

Tom Mudd, Director of Development Services

Stephanie Murphy, Vice President of Workforce & Economic Development, Rental Assistance Division

Michael Pavco, Senior Vice President, Real Estate Division

Sujata Raman, Director of Housing Financing Loans Programs, Real Estate Division

Debbie Ruane, Executive Vice President & Chief Strategy Officer

Julia Sauer, Director of Special Programs & Compliance

Walter Spath III, General Counsel

Azucena Valladolid, Senior Vice President of Rental Assistance & Workforce Development, Rental Assistance Division

Deanna Villanueva, Director of Housing First Operations

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