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Establishing Rents

Requesting a Rent Increase

To request a rent increase, the landlord should complete and submit the San Diego Housing Commission’s (SDHC) online Rent Increase Application Form.

When a landlord applies for a rent increase, SDHC determines whether or not the requested rent is reasonable. The process for determining rent reasonableness is described on this page.


  • Requests for rent increases must be submitted to SDHC at least 60 days before the rent increase would take effect.
  • Landlords shall provide notice to tenants, as required by and in compliance with local, state and federal regulations and fair housing laws.
  • If approved, the rent change will become effective on the first day of the month after a full 60-day notice of the increase. For example, if the full 60-day notice ends on May 15, the rent increase takes effect on June 1.
  • Rents for existing Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher rental assistance tenants may not be higher than the rents charged for comparable units with tenants who do not receive rental assistance.

Rent Reasonableness

SDHC determines whether or not the rent requested by the landlord for a Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher rental assistance household is reasonable.

SDHC compares the requested rent to the rents on other units on the premises with tenants who do not receive rental assistance, as well as other, comparable unassisted rental units in the market.

Rent reasonableness must be determined at the rental assistance household’s initial move-in and when the landlord requests a rent increase.

How Rent Reasonableness is Determined

SDHC conducts a unit-to-unit comparison of the landlord’s proposed rent for the unit with the rent charged for units with similar features and amenities in the same market area for families who do not receive rental assistance.

SDHC takes into account critical market factors that impact rent, such as the location, quality, size, unit type and age of the contract unit, as well as any amenities, housing services, maintenance and utilities to be provided by the landlord in accordance with the lease.

SDHC notifies the landlord of the rent that can be approved based upon the analysis.

If the landlord disagrees with this analysis, the landlord may submit information for three comparable units within a two-mile radius from the assisted unit. SDHC will consider this information and notify the landlord of a final rent determination.

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Rent Increase Request FAQ

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