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Community Action Plan – Performance Data – Progress Toward Housing Goals

Click the buttons below to view performance data on progress towards the Action Plans goals within reach, progress on strategies, and progress toward housing goals.

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Progress Toward Housing Goals

The Action Plan identifies crisis response and permanent solutions needs to accomplish the goals in the plan. Click the links below to view the need outlined in the Plan, and progress toward meeting the needs.

  1. Homelessness Interventions Inventory
  2. Current Year Homelessness Interventions Inventory
  3. Permanent Solutions Need
  4. Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) Pipeline Tracker
Year Over YearCurrent YearPermanent Solutions NeedPSH Pipeline Tracker

Source: Housing Inventory Count; RTFH

The Housing Inventory Count (HIC) is a point-in-time inventory of provider programs within a Continuum of Care that provides beds and units dedicated to serve people experiencing homelessness. The RTFH provides SDHC with HIC data specifically for the City of San Diego.

In alignment with HUD standards, the number of Rapid Rehousing beds is reported based on the number of clients enrolled on the night the HIC was conducted, rather than the number of beds, which is why the utilization rate is 100%.

The HIC is conducted in January every calendar year and captures data representative of the ‘available’ beds as captured in the HMIS system inventory on a single date each year. The 2020 HIC data was collected before the COVID-19 pandemic., The 2021 HIC data was collected during the COVID-19 pandemic and reflects some impacts that the pandemic had on inventory and utilization. Beds that were in the HMIS data base as ‘available’ but in fact had been operationally taken offline due to COVID distancing requirements create the appearance of a bed being available but not utilized, when in fact that bed may have been operationally offline due to social distancing.  Of note-

  • The 2021 HIC data reflected in the table above does not include emergency shelter beds that were added temporarily to utilize as isolation beds in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Community Action Plan recommends significant investments in permanent solutions, including permanent supportive housing. According to analysis conducted in 2019 as part of the Action Plan’s development, the City of San Diego has a need for 2,802 units of developed permanent supportive housing (PSH) by 2029. A pipeline tracker has been developed to demonstrate progress toward this PSH goal and to help policy makers identify the scope and scale of PSH developments pending completion and the number of additional PSH units still needed.

The pipeline data are gathered from the San Diego Housing Commission’s Real Estate Division and Rental Assistance Division, and they are updated quarterly. The number of units are an estimate until the development is in service.