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September 17, 2021

San Diego Housing Commission Launches Dashboard with Comprehensive Homelessness System Data

Online resource reflects data for programs funded by the City of San Diego and SDHC

SAN DIEGO, CA — To provide the public and policymakers with easy access to data about the performance of homelessness programs as a system in the City of San Diego, the San Diego Housing Commission (SDHC) developed a comprehensive dashboard that is available on SDHC’s website at

“This new resource shares an important, data-focused perspective about homelessness in the City of San Diego and many of the programs addressing this important issue, guided by the Community Action Plan on Homelessness,” said SDHC President & CEO Richard C. Gentry, who chairs the Leadership Council for the Community Action Plan.

The dashboard reflects data for homelessness programs for which the City of San Diego and SDHC provide funding.

Overview data display the number of homelessness programs served, how many individuals obtained housing, how many entered the homelessness system and the number of individuals active in programs as of a specific date. The dashboard allows the user to adjust the date ranges for the data they are seeking.

More detailed information about specific programs also is available, including street outreach, shelters, transitional housing, rapid rehousing and permanent supportive housing programs. Additional programs will be added to the dashboard over time, such as safe parking, homelessness prevention, and diversion programs.

The data for this dashboard are gathered from the San Diego Continuum of Care Homeless Management Information System, which the Regional Task Force on Homelessness manages.

The dashboard is based on industry-standard, best-practice metrics for homelessness programs.

In addition, SDHC has updated dashboards on its website that report on activities and progress toward the goals of the Community Action Plan on Homelessness. These dashboards include data about short-term goals, strategies and housing goals from the Community Action Plan, as well as accomplishments related to each of the foundational strategies identified in the plan. These dashboards are available through the “Progress At a Glance” button on the Community Action Plan on Homelessness page on SDHC’s website.

SDHC developed the system performance data dashboard in support of the foundational strategy “Implement a Systems-Level Approach to Homelessness Planning.” The dashboard also supports the Community Action Plan’s guiding principle to make data-driven decisions and create transparency.


Media Contact: 

Scott Marshall, SDHC Vice President of Communications


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