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October 15, 2018

New Affordable Apartments Include Units Set Aside for Families with Members Who Have Developmental Disabilities

Pacifica at Playa del Sol, a San Diego Housing Commission partnership development, commemorated its groundbreaking today

SAN DIEGO, CA – Low-income families, including those with members who have developmental disabilities, will have additional opportunities to reside in an apartment they can afford with the new construction of Pacifica at Playa del Sol, which commemorated its groundbreaking today.

Pacifica at Playa del Sol will consist of 42 affordable rental apartments. Of these, 12 apartments will be designated for households with family members who have developmental disabilities.

“There are few things that are more treasured in life than the ability for people to have their own home,” said County Supervisor Greg Cox, in whose district the development is located at the corner of Ocean View Hills Parkway and Avenida Playa del Sol in Otay Mesa. “Because of Playa del Sol, 42 families will have their own home. … I want to congratulate all of the families who will ultimately move into these beautiful homes. It’s something I know that they will treasure, and something, frankly, that they deserve.”

Pacifica at Playa del Sol, which consists of one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments, will remain affordable for at least 55 years for households with income up to 60 percent of the San Diego Area Median Income (AMI), currently $58,380 per year for a family of four. One manager’s unit will be affordable to households with income up to 65 percent of AMI.

“When we talk about the housing crisis, it’s not just that we talk about it. It’s real,” said San Diego City Councilmember David Alvarez, whose district includes Pacifica at Playa del Sol. “The demand is out there. The right thing to do for our communities is to continue to build.”

Rents at Pacifica at Playa del Sol will range from approximately $730 per month for a one-bedroom unit to $1,500 per month for a three-bedroom unit.

“This development is a great example of the public-private partnerships and regional collaboration needed to create additional affordable rental housing for families,” San Diego Housing Commission (SDHC) Vice Chair Stefanie Benvenuto said.

Pacifica at Playa del Sol is being developed by Chelsea Investment Corporation in collaboration with the County of San Diego, SDHC, the Foundation for Developmental Disabilities, Pardee Homes and Banner Bank.

“Pardee’s Playa del Sol master planned community that surrounds us is designed to be a pedestrian-friendly neighborhood with over two acres of park space and recreational amenities,” Chelsea Investment Corporation Government Relations Manager Bob Cummings said.

Pacifica at Playa del Sol is the sixth affordable development partnership between Chelsea Investment Corporation and Pardee Homes in 16 years.

“I will tell you that these kinds of communities cannot be done by themselves,” Pardee Homes San Diego Division President Jimmy Ayala said. “So as we move forward on other communities, we’re committed to continue to be involved in public and private partnerships because those are the things that make San Diego move forward.”

The nonprofit San Diego Regional Center will coordinate services for residents with developmental disabilities. San Diego Regional Center services include case management, transportation, employment support, and supported living.

“I’m here to tell you that adults with developmental disabilities desire what we all desire: good jobs, benefits, good pay, and a nice, affordable place to live,” San Diego Regional Center Executive Director Carlos Flores said.

SDHC authorized the issuance of approximately $10.8 million in tax-exempt Multifamily Housing Revenue Bonds toward Pacifica’s total development cost of $17.3 million.

The City Council, in its role as the Housing Authority of the City of San Diego, approved these bonds.

Funding for the development also includes a $1.5 million loan from the County of San Diego’s Innovative Housing Trust Fund, created in June 2017 as one of three initiatives designed to increase the number of affordable housing units and decrease the homeless population in the region.

Additionally, the Foundation for Developmental Disabilities provided a $750,000 loan toward Pacifica at Playa del Sol.

Planned resident amenities include barbecue and community areas and recreational facilities. Water conservation will be promoted via drought-tolerant landscaping and low-flow indoor water fixtures, and the entire development will exceed California energy efficiency standards.

Pacifica at Playa del Sol is expected to be completed in summer 2019.

Those who are interested in learning more about residing at Pacifica at Playa del Sol should call Southern California Housing Collaborative at (858) 514-7009. In addition, in approximately four months, details about the interest list for this development will be posted online at

For more information about SDHC, visit

NOTE: This news release was updated on October 16, 2018, to correct the contact information for those who are interested in residing at Pacifica at Playa del Sol.


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