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Jamie, a single mom to seven children between the ages of 1 and 18, was behind on her rent and facing eviction when SDHC’s Homelessness Prevention & Diversion program provided the critical support she needed.

“I had some health issues going on, so I was unable to work, and then when that happened, I lost my job,” Jamie said. “I was just in a spot where I’m sure a lot of people find themselves, where you just need to get through that one month or those two months, and then it is going to be manageable.”

Jamie’s landlord was willing to work with her and referred her to SDHC for assistance.

Within a matter of days — when the eviction process was set to begin — she found out that SDHC could help her pay the past due rent and late fee, plus her next month’s rent.

“We’re in a good place now,” Jamie said. “Gas and electric’s paid, our rent’s paid, and next month, our rent will be paid on time, and I can just focus on them and school and do what needs to be done.”

Jamie is looking forward to completing her associate’s degree in December. Up next is her bachelor’s, and she hopes to apply to law school at the University of San Diego after that.

“The Homelessness Prevention and Diversion program is crucial,” Jamie said. “A situation like mine — and I’m not unique, I’m just like a lot of other people in

San Diego — you just need help for a month or two. But if you don’t have that help for that month or two… you’re tumbling with children downhill.

There’s no doubt that it would have taken me, with six young children, years to recover from being homeless.”

“I can’t say in words how valuable a program like this is to someone like me. How valuable it will be and is to a lot of other people, too.”

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