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SDHC Board Meetings

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December 15, 2006
  • Agenda  Minutes
  • HCR06-099 – 2007 Housing Commission Meeting Schedule
  • HCR06-105 – Contract for Consulting Services for Strategic Legal and Programmatic Services
  • HCR06-101 – Proposed Revisions to Policy 101.000 Conflict of Interest Code & Related Provisions and Policy 209.000 Mandatory Disclosure of Business Interests
  • HCR06-102 – Delegation of Authority for Internal Administrative Affairs to Housing Commission Board
  •  HCR06-098 – Mobile Home Community Issues Committee Membership
  • HCR06-107 – Proposed Fiscal Year 2007 Budget Revision (Citywide)
  • HCR06-103 – Request For Modification of Predevelopment Loan To Develop 88 Affordable Senior Apartments (Council District 7)
  •  HCR06-089 – Smart Corner Leasing Arrangements


  • HCR06-074 Affordable Housing Fund FY06 Annual Report
    HCR06-097 Proposition 46 Summary of Activity
    HCR06-100 Activity Performance Report – 1st Qtr FY2007
    HCR06-104 Status of Loan Portfolio – 1st Qtr FY2007
November 17, 2006
  • Agenda  Minutes
  • HCR06-081 – Award of Contract for Plumbing Services (Citywide)
  • HCR06-091 – Award of Contract for Site Cleaning Services (Citywide)
  •  HCR06-082 – Actions Establishing President & Chief Executive Officer Compensation
  • HCR06-087 – Application for Mortgage Credit Certificate Allocation (Citywide)
  • HCR06-083 – Loan Increase for Townspeople (Council District 7)
  •  HCR06-088 – Loan for Veterans Village of San Diego (Council District 2)
  • HCR06-084 – Final Authorization to Issue Multifamily Housing Revenue Bonds for Broadway Square (item pulled)
  • HCR06-90 – Preliminary Items Pursuant to Issuing Multifamily Housing Review Bonds for Merrill Gardens at Banker’s Hill (Council District 2)
  • HCR06-089 – Smart Corner Leasing Arrangements  (item pulled)
  • HCR06-085 – Re-positioning of the San Diego Housing Commission’s Public Housing Portfolio
  •  HCR06-086 – Amended FY07 Agency Plan (Citywide)

    HCR06-080 4th Qtr FY06 Budget Status Report
    HCR06-092 Annual Report on Travel & Training Expenses FY06
    HCR06-094 Semi Annual Equal Opportunity and Small Contracts Status Report for the Second Half of FY06
    HCR06-095 1st Qtr FY07 Investment Report

October 27, 2006

Agenda – Meeting cancelled

October 06, 2006
  • Agenda  Minutes
  • HCR06-075 – San Diego Safe Harbor Transitional Housing Grant (Council District 8)
  • HCRO6-076 – Sale of Habitat for Humanity Home at 3280 Island Avenue (Council District 8)
  • HCRO6-077 – Preliminary Items Pursuant to Issuing Multifamily Housing Revenue Bonds for 16th and Market Apartments (Council District 2)
  • HCRO6-078 – 3822 – 3836 Alabama Street, San Diego (Council District 3)


  • HCR06-059 Status Report on FY06 Affordable Housing Production
    HCR06-067 Annual Report on the Mobile Home Mediation/Communication Process
    HCR06-068 Disposition of Real Estate Owned Properties – 2006 Annual Report
September 15, 2006
  • Agenda  Minutes
  • HCR06-061 – Award of Contract to Remove/Replace Concrete Parking Lot (District 8)
  • HCR06-062 – Award of Contract for Tree and Shrub Maintenance (Citywide)
  • HCR06-063 – Continued Support for the City-County Reinvestment Task Force
  • HCR06-064 – Defined Contribution Pension Plan Document Revisions
  •  HCR06-065 – Changes in Hotel Metro/434 Financial Structure to Generate Funds for Shelter Program (Council District 2)
  • HCR06-066 – Final Authorization to Issue Multifamily Housing Revenue Bonds for Studio 15


  • HCR06-069 4th Qtr Loan Portfolio
    HCR06-070 Activity Performance Report 4th Quarter
    HCR06-071 Disposition of Assets
    HCR06-072 Annual Progress Report FY06-08 Business Plan
    HCR06-073 FY06 Consolidated Plan Performance Report (CAPER)
August 18, 2006
August 4, 2006
  • Agenda – Special Meeting  Minutes
  • HCR06-050 – Contract for Consulting Services for Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Reports and Annual Action Plans.
  • HCR06-051 – Deed of Trust Securing San Diego Rescue Mission Grant (Council District 2)
  • HCR06-055 – Preliminary Items Pursuant to Issuing Multifamily Housing Revenue Bonds for Broadway Square Apartments (Council District 2)
  • HCR06-056 – Section 8 Management Assessment Program (SEMAP) (Citywide)
  • HCR06-058 – Public Housing Assessment System for FY06 (Citywide)

    HCR06-052 FY06 Investment Report 4th Quarter
    HCR06-054 Section 8 Terminations Annual Report
    HCR06-057 FY06 Collection Write-Offs Annual Report

July 28, 2006

Agenda – Meeting cancelled

July 07, 2006
  • Agenda  Minutes
  • HCR06-042 – Housing Authority Insurance Group Procurement for Insurance
  • HCR06-043 – California State Association of Counties (CSAC) Excess Insurance Authority and California Public Entity Insurance Authority
  • HCR06-044 – United States Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Super Notice of Funding Availability Applications (Citywide)
  • HCR06-045 – Pension Consultant Contract
  • HCR06-046 – Award of Contract for Architectural Services at the University Canyon Site located at 2052-2095 Via Las Cumbres (Council District 6)
  • HCR06-047 – FY06 Transitional Housing Program Grants
  • HCR06-048 – Final Authorization to Issue Multifamily Housing Revenue Bonds for Del Sol Apartments
  • HCR06-049 – Contract Amendment to the Independent Audit Contract


  • HCR06-041 FY06 Activity Performance Report 3rd Quarter
June 16, 2006

Agenda – Meeting cancelled

May 26, 2006
    • Agenda  Minutes
    • HCR06-029 – Preliminary Items Pursuant to Issuing Multifamily Housing Revenue Bonds for Studio 15 Apartments (Council District 2)

    • HCR06-032 – Affordable Housing Fund FY2007 Annual Plan (Citywide)


  • HCR06-035 – Preliminary Items Pursuant to Issuing Bonds for Pine Hollow Apartments (Council District 4)

  • HCR06-038 – Contract for Temporary Employment Agency Services

  • HCR06-039 – Rental Rehabilitation Loan – 3529-37 46th Street (Council District 3)

  • HCR06-040 – Loan for the Acquisition and Construction of Arbor Crest Apartments (Council District 3)

    HCR06-030 FY06 Status of Loan Portfolio 3rd Quarter
    HCR06-034 FY06 Affordable Housing Production
    HCR06-036 FY06 Investment Report 3rd Quarter
    HCR06-037 FY06 Budget Status Report 3rd Quarter



May 05, 2006

Agenda – Meeting cancelled

April 14, 2006
March 24, 2006
  • Agenda  Minutes
  •  HCR06-023 – FY07 Annual Action Plan for the City of San Diego
  •  HCR06-024 – U.S. Congressional Set Aside Economic Development Initiative Special Purpose (EDI-SP) Grant (Council District 2)
  • HCR06-025 – Amendment to the Loan Agreement for Paseo Glenn Apartments (Council District 2)
March 03, 2006
February 10, 2006
  • Agenda  Minutes
  • HCR06-008 – Award of Contract for Replacement of Fencing at Three Public Housing Sites (Council Districts 3 & 8)
  • HCR06-009 – Award of Contract for Kitchen and Bathroom Upgrades at 402-412 Sycamore Road (Council District 8)
  • HCR06-010 – Preliminary Bond Items and Loan to Del Sol Apartments Limited Partnership for Del Sol Apartments (Council District 8)
    Attachments 4-6
  • HCR06-011 – Loan to San Diego Youth and Community Services for Transitional Housing (Council District 3)
  • HCR06-012 – Housing Element Informational Report

    HCR06-005 FY06 Budget Status Report 2nd Quarter
    HCR06-006 FY06 Investment Report 2nd Quarter
    HCR06-007 FY06 Status of Loan Portfolio 2nd Quarter
    HCR06-014 Multifamily Bond Program Annual Status Report for Year Ending December 31, 2005
    HCR06-015 Semi-Annual Equal Opportunity & Small Contracts Status Report for the First Half of FY06

January 13, 2006
  • Agenda  – Special Meeting  Minutes
  • HCR06-001 – 2006 Housing Commission Meeting Schedule
  • HCR06-002 – Application for FY2007 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Funds (Citywide)
  • HCR06-003 – Grant Acceptance and FY2007 Budget Revision – HUD Lead Hazard Control Grant (Citywide)
  • HCR05-110 – Preliminary Items Pursuant to Issuing Multifamily Housing Revenue Bonds for Studio 15 Apartments (Council District 2)