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Self-Confidence and Excitement for the Future

After nearly two years without steady employment, Anna landed a new job as a legal assistant after participating in programs at the SDHC Achievement Academy.

She received help to strengthen her résumé and prepare for job interviews. But a class about finding self-worth made the biggest difference for Anna, who has lived for nine years in an SDHC federal public housing apartment.

“I’m a single parent. Sometimes we lose our self-esteem and confidence and all of that,” Anna said. “I just remembered my worth, and I just ran with it, and I have not looked back. And I’m continuing on with my success, a whole career now.”

Starting in 2017, Anna was out of work and struggling to make ends meet with unemployment assistance. The adjustment to being unemployed was tough for Anna, who was accustomed to working.

She found some work through a temporary employment agency, but she continued to look for a more stable job.

When an SDHC Achievement Academy staff member told her about the Bridges to Career Opportunities program, Anna decided to try it.

One of its courses provided the inspiration she needed, and Anna was hired for her current position before completing the Bridges to Career Opportunities program.

“It built my self-esteem up. It made me feel good about myself again. It was a great, great experience, and I really do recommend everyone taking it,” Anna said.

Today, Anna works for a law firm that specializes in the maritime industry. She is working with the SDHC Achievement Academy to improve her credit and has a goal to buy her own house.

“I’m very excited for my future from today and for tomorrow,” Anna said.

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