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A Single Father Works for a Brighter Future



As a formerly homeless single father of two, Monti is working toward a brighter future for his family with help from the SDHC Achievement Academy.

Monti credits the assistance he has received from SDHC and the support from the SDHC Achievement Academy, such as help with his résumé and job search, with helping him make progress on his goals.

This summer, Monti obtained a diploma for completing the Center for Employment Training’s Welding Fabrication Program. Wearing a navy blue graduation gown and tasseled cap, Monti beamed with pride as his two sons cheered him on.

“It was something I always wanted to do, and I’m just tired of being on public assistance, depending on other people. I want to depend on me and my kids and support them,” Monti said.

For nearly three years, Monti and his sons, 9-year-old Monti, Jr. and 8-year-old Melvyn, have lived in an SDHC-owned rental apartment. Monti still remembers the day he received the keys to the apartment after living in a homeless shelter with his sons for 22 months.

“They took me inside, they showed me the place and my boys running around, they were happy,” Monti said. “It just brought a tear to my eye. It was heartwarming.”

Currently, SDHC provides Monti with a Federal rental housing voucher for the apartment through an SDHC partnership program with the Monarch School, where his sons go to school.

“As long as my kids have a roof over their heads I’m happy,” Monti said. “It’s not about me, it’s about the kids.”

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