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Opening Doors


The SDHC Achievement Academy’s one-week training for prospective caregivers opened doors for Irma.

In October 2014, she completed the training for caregivers for the elderly and individuals with disabilities.

The caregiver program includes CPR training and certification, which expands employment opportunities for those who obtain their certificate.

Irma also enrolled in the SDHC Achievement Academy’s Financial Opportunity Center – a partnership program provided in collaboration with Local Initiatives Support Corporation – and the Family Self-Sufficiency program, which offers an array of courses to help participants become more financially self-reliant.

In addition, she attended a Spanish-language workshop on “Getting Back Into the Workforce,” with tips on resume writing.

When she attended a Healthcare Job Fair hosted by the SDHC Achievement Academy on November 13, 2014, Irma met senior-care recruiters and submitted a job application.

Just one month later, Irma accepted a position as a caregiver with an in-home senior care services company, working 25 hours a week at $11 per hour.

Two months later, she moved on to a similar position with a different employer, with seven additional hours of work weekly and a 50-cent increase in her hourly wage.

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